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Welcome to the Swix Learning Center, a portal to cutting edge online courses, technology and resources for the Nordic and Alpine skiing and snowboarding community. 

The learning center will offer web-based courses, videos and visual learning experiences to enhance your skills as a coach, a technician, a competitive skier or snowboarder or someone who just wants to improve your winter sports experience.

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    Competitive skiing is moving away from fluorinated waxes. In this brief video, you will learn how fluorinated waxes affect the environment, how race rules have changed to phase out fluorinated waxes, and the best practices for waxing safely no matter which wax you choose.

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    As Skiers and Snowboarders, we are privileged to call mountains and trails our workplace and our playground.  It is our responsibility to ensure that these beautiful landscapes remain healthy and clean for the next generation.  

    The top governing bodies for competitive skiing are taking a stand for the environment. Both the International Ski Federation and U.S. Ski and Snowboard will phase out fluorinated waxes.  In this course you will learn the best practices for waxing safely, effectively, and environmentally. 

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    In this course you will learn the basic science of fluorinated chemicals and why it is essential to minimize our use of such chemicals to protect the environment. You will also learn the best practices for cleansing fluorinated wax from your skis safely, effectively and environmentally so you can do your part to minimize any environmental harms.